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Two of the important materials in the history of humanity have been the kilim rug and earthen pot. They have developed separately and have had separate functions. They have delighted the lives of many people with their beautiful colors and original shapes.

Ayse Nur Arun paints kilim motifs on earthen pots combining the two forms. She has modernized them while maintaining their traditionally, and with a contemporary application, she has brought up a new structure. At first she studied all the traditional kilim shapes; she even came up with shapes from mythology. Later she created new compositions with a through selection from these shapes. After all of this preparatory work, it was finally time to combine the two.
Capturing the envisioned design, color and structure required many trials; she worked over and over again with patience. She managed to apply the shapes to the pots by using a special painting technique. The aim was to be able to deliver this new enthusiasm, this new joy of life to other people with the colors and language of the kilim rug.

Ayse Nur, born in Turkey in 1958, began to paint earthen pots in 1986 after the loss of loved one. In the beginning nobody noticed her art, but she kept on working. Gradually her pots began spreading around the world with the help of admirers from the United States, Japan, Belgium and Turkey.
Ayse Nur says "I tried to bring two different forms together and tried to create new compositions in my shapes. I always searched for the appropriate design, color and form. I kept on experimenting. What I am happy about at the end of my search is the warmth that came out."


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